Researcher, writer & trainer on mental health, sexual health, gender & rights

Sue Holden - Development Consultant

Welcome to my site.

I’m a freelance consultant and social scientist. Based in the UK, I provide services of research, writing, editing, training and evaluation regarding mental health, sexual rights and gender.

I have 33 years’ experience of providing services to NGOs, donors and global institutions, relating both to development work in sub-Saharan Africa and to community projects in the UK.

I’ve written and published a wide range of work which you are welcome to download. For more information about my other services – such as facilitating workshops, conducting evaluations and project management – please contact me. We can explore what you need and how I can help you.

Development workshop facilitation

Key skills

Writing and analysis: I’m able to gather and analyse information from a range of sources and then present it in a logical and understandable format. I can write in a formal or academic style if required, but I’m often hired

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Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

Monitoring and evaluation tools: These important elements of any programme are often poorly done; sometimes rushed and undervalued, sometimes over-complicated and diverting resources from project activities. I can support you to create ‘good enough’ methods that make intuitive sense to

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Past clients

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