Key skills

Writing and analysis:

I’m able to gather and analyse information from a range of sources and then present it in a logical and understandable format. I can write in a formal or academic style if required, but I’m often hired partly because I can write in an informal, accessible and concise way. If you’d like to download examples of my work, please go to my publications page.

Training and facilitation:

Feedback from participants shows that they value my lively approach, with its emphasis on active participation and opportunities to learn from each other. We tend to learn more when we are engaged and expected to contribute, and develop more commitment when we generate our own outcomes and create our own plans for action. I can run training courses for you or train your staff to run courses themselves, or you may prefer me to devise training methods and accompanying monitoring and evaluation tools for you to use.

Research and evaluation:

I can conduct research efficiently from my home or travel for face-to-face interaction.  I generally use a mixture of interviews, focus group discussions, and participatory learning activities, along with online surveys.


I improve texts by ensuring they convey their intended meaning in a clear manner, are consistent, free of errors, and do not contain unnecessary repetition. Sometimes I perform a ‘deep edit’ by rewriting a draft text so that it reads well in English, and, if needed, reorganising it to improve the narrative flow or logic. I can make your documents shorter and easier to read, and therefore more accessible and useful to your audience.


I can survey funding opportunities to identify those with the best fit for your organisation’s needs, and create a database for you to use and update.  I can also write your funding proposal, or edit and improve your draft, to increase the chance of securing funding.

Project management:

I’m proficient at budgeting and financial management, and able to maintain an overview of complex projects to keep all the elements on track.


I am happy to fit in with different working styles and am able to handle the varied demands placed on me during consultancy contracts. It’s rare for me not to get along with other people or, indeed, not to enjoy my work! I also welcome opportunities to work on and learn about new topics and ways of working.